Things to Consider before Purchasing Part Worn Tyres

There are several kinds of car tyres available in the market. You need to choose a tyre depending on certain factors like the type of a car, where you live and your driving style. For example if you drive your car everyday up and down the motorways, you will require a hard wearing tyre that does not produce a lot of noise. For countryside choose a tyre that has a better grip when you drive on muddy roads.


Different types of Tyres in Thornton Heath are available to meet your requirements such as

  • Run Flat tyre
  • Winter tyre
  • Performance tyre
  • All season tyre
  • All terrain tyre

It is very important that you choose the right type of tyre for your car suited for your driving style. Tyre choice also makes a big impact on your safety. It is always suggested to go for the reputed brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Bridgestone as they provide you with the assurance of a good build quality and offers an assortment of different types of tyres.

While looking for a new tyre you may come across part worn tyre, which are basically second hand tyres and it comes in an economical price. They are often sold in a half price and these are often imported from Europe. But it is important to note that these tyres are usually sold with 50 percent less grip compared to the normal ones. Be wise before purchasing these worn tyres. However in most cases the tyre will be road worthy but it is better to check that if they have been in any collision.

Part worn tyres are introduced in the market for those who don’t have sufficient money to purchase a new one. If you wish to purchase part worn tyres in Thornton Heath, first you should see a demo of these tyres getting puffed up before you fit them into your car. Make sure that there are no bumps or lumps on the tyre. The age of the tyre should also be considered. If it is too old, it would not be a good idea to purchase them.

Although most people opt for part worn tyres in order to save money. But in the long run it is likely that they will cost you more. These tyres have very less tread on them; you will have to make several trips to garage to get tyres fitted, costing you more in the fuel and other expenses.


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